The main objective for those coming to Peio Valley is certainly healthy immersion in nature

What to do in summer in Peio Valley

It's time to try an exciting but completely safe adventure, where the adrenaline flows as fast as the impetuous and clear waters of the Noce river, the scene of international canoeing competitions every year and along its waters rafting, river descent on a dinghy, a discipline that combines adventure with fun, with safety and thrills guaranteed even to novices at navigation. To practice this and other river sports (canoeing, hydrospeed) in complete safety, an organization that operates in the Valley is EURORAFTING. The Center located in the upper Val di Sole in Cusiano at the beginning of the Peio Valley, operates on a 7000 square meter green space in which a small lake and a solarium area have been created. The Eurorafting center is equipped with a covered area (200 square meters) and, obviously, a bar with related services. Those who frequent the center have the opportunity to use, free of charge, the entire green area including a barbecue area to fully enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life.

Man has always been a trekker: the movements of populations, due to hunting, climate change, fleeing the invader, religious pilgrimages, are the genetic heritage of humanity. Today hiking is a widespread practice and, fortunately, chosen as a pleasure, as a means to escape from daily tasks. In Peio Valley trekking, Nordic walking or the simple and healthy walk through the woods finds its natural dimension being the valley set in the Stelvio National Park, therefore it has maintained wild and natural horizons and mountain spaces protected over time, giving emotions exclusive landscapes as a reward for those who practice this "sport" immersed in nature.

The main objective for those who come to Peio Valley is certainly the healthy and regenerating immersion in the nature of the Stelvio National Park or to benefit from the treatments of the famous Peio spa, however those who have a modicum of energy left at the end of the day and want it spend on sporting activities, or those who want to try their hand at unusual sports, or have fun with their favorite sport, in Peio Valley will find a comprehensive offer: from tennis courts to relaxing games of bowls, from archery to rock climbing gyms, from horseback riding to swimming in the spa pool, from soccer games to mountain bike excursions, from equipped fitness facilities in the midst of centuries-old woods to skating.

Much of the territory of the Peio Valley is covered by woods, larch, fir and pine forests. Entering a forest means accessing a world where serenity, tranquility and healthy air reign, things that no longer find space in the cities of our times. The forest certainly represents a place where tension is released and mushroom hunting can be a real reason for physical relaxation. During the summer and until late autumn our woods hide delicious "secrets". Different types of berries and multiple varieties of mushrooms make every gourmet happy. Finding them, however, is not so simple and above all, when collecting them, you must pay great attention not to cause damage to the natural environment in which they grow. Taking an interest in mushrooms and nature in general can mean changing course to proceed with the construction of a better environment with respect to environmental degradation caused by man.

The mountain song almost becomes background music for mountain bike enthusiasts. Going through the woods on dirt tracks, at the edge of green pastures or at the edge of the snow, silently: it is a new way of conquering nature, not to dominate it, but to enjoy it and let yourself be transformed by mountain biking in Val di Pejoessa. Immersing yourself in the forest world, in the pure open air, a stone's throw from the alpine lakes, in the heart of mother nature is a regenerating bath. It expands the capacity for observation and sharpens the perception of details. It also offers the joy of conquest, entrusted to one's physical energies and the refined dosage of strength and ingenuity. The practice of mountain biking in Peio Valley, highlighted below by some itineraries of the many routes meticulously and tested by Silvano Andreis and experts, helps the mountain biker to realize his project: have fun and relax, enjoy the fruit of hard work and feeling a living and responsible part of nature in Peio Valley.

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Location of the Casa al Sole residence with apartments and map

The "Casa al Sole" is a residence located in Cogolo, in the heart of the Pejo Valley, within the Stelvio National Park.

One of the peculiarities of the residence, in addition to the beauty of the structure, is the climate you can breathe. The house is family run. For us, anyone who decides to spend a few days at Casa al Sole is not a customer but a guest as welcome as a friend.

During the summer period we will accompany you to visit mountain huts and refuges or to have picnics not as tourists but as locals.