Welcome to the Residence Casa al Sole of Peio

The ideal apartment for your holidays in Val di Sole in the Dolomites of Trentino.

Your relaxing stay near the Pejo thermal center

Residence Casa al Sole of Peio in the Stelvio National Park

For your unforgettable trips in Val di Sole.


Why choose Casa al Sole

Exquisite hospitality, beautiful nature... total relaxation!
Why choose Casa al Sole

Apartments in Val di PejoImmersed in an enchanting scenery.

The "Casa al Sole" is a residence located in Cogolo, in the heart of Val di Pejo, within the Stelvio National Park.

Why choose Casa al Sole

Ideal all yearThe Peio Valley awaits.

One of the peculiarities of the residence in addition to the beauty of the structure is the climate that you breathe. The house is family run. For us, those who decide to spend a few days at Casa al Sole are not a customer but a welcome guest as a friend, during the summer we will accompany you to visit mountain huts and shelters or to have picnics not as tourists but as locals.

Why choose Casa al Sole

Our "Stabli" hut at OrtisèA unique experience.

During your stay we usually organize beautiful excursions... we will take you to our hut to allow you to experience an unforgettable day in close contact with unspoiled nature!

The flats

The apartments are newly built, the structure remains open all year and we accept reservations for weekends.

The apartments are situated in a strategic location that allows to enjoy the peace of mind that gives the mountain and at the same time the center is easily reached in a few minutes walk.

All apartments are equipped with:
• 2-4-6 beds
• color TV
• Wi-Fi internet
• laundry
• storage and car parking
• garden with terrace
• barbecue

Cogolo is the administrative and economic heart of the Val di Peio, the municipal seat of the municipality, is located on the alluvial fan of the Gattus rio that in the past and recently has been due to periodic landslides. Perhaps because of the gravel conformation of its soil carryover, the country derives its Latin name Cocula (ball, from which a dialect word "pebble").

Is headquartered in Cogolo the establishment of bottling mineral water "Peio", active since 1952.
At the entrance of Val de la Mare arrive pipelines from reservoirs of Careser and Pian Palu powering Enel's Pont.

Photos of the apartments

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Perfect in all seasons
Also you can find all the best that the mountain environment has to offer in all seasons, you can walk quietly through the woods, or indulge in excursions of all kinds between the lakes, shelters and huts. You'll enjoy magnificent landscapes and enjoy typical mountain specialties. Near various sports centers will allow you to practice Rafting, Hydrospeed, Canoe and Kayak, in the Noce stream, or excursions, including tours, mountain biking, practicing orienteering and many other disciplines ranging from children to extreme sports activities.

In winter you can take advantage of cross-country trails through forests and ancient pine forests, engage in renewed slopes of Pejo Fonti.

In all seasons you can relax in the nearby spa of Pejo Fonti which are offered treatments for respiratory, circulatory and skin diseases as well as being equipped with swimming pool, spa, gym, etc.

The Pejo valley is characterized by the extraordinary and fascinating beauty and variety of environments, in fact, it is like a magical place, with mountains over 3000 meters above sea level, but also natural landscapes of great beauty, such as wide valleys, streams of water that they descend from the mountains and forests of fascinating and attraction; both the summer and the winter offering visitors the chance to enjoy and appreciate deeply the charm of the valley, with outdoor sports and skiing and trips to places of interest.

In winter the valley is transformed into a veritable paradise for lovers of skiing and winter sports, many are indeed the slopes, offering trails for every level of preparation, and are particularly efficient connections, installations and structures accommodation, such as hotels and residences;
in summer the tourist product will enjoy in trekking and Nordic walking, discovering uncontaminated areas, walking and cycling also to visit the villages and the most beautiful countries or definitely try their hand at exciting sports, such as rafting, the hydrospeed or choose to follow canoe routes in kayak.

The Pejo valley is largely included in the Stelvio National Park, including landscapes, woods and enchanting valleys and definitely of great beauty, the area is protected by the imposing presence of the complex Ortles Cevedale and scenarios that are offered to visitors are definitely of great charm and will fascinate the tourist.

Rifugio Vioz
Departure: Peio Fonti cable car (1383 m)
Check-in: the refuge Mantova al Vioz (3535 m)
Time: 6 hours
Vertical drop: 1000 m
Difficulty: medium experts
Path: 105
Period: Summer - Autumn
Map: Kompass 095

Itinerary that allows you to reach the highest refuge of the central and eastern Alps, at the foot of Mount Vioz (3645 m) which offers an exceptional view over the Forni glacier.

From Peio Fonti by cable car to the refuge Squirrel and chairlift here (you may want to check the opening of the plant by the Peio lifts tel. 0039/0463/753238) up to 2330 share of Doss refuge of Gembri where take route 105 under the panoramic top of Vioz, the trail goes up the eastern and western slopes of the mountain to look out either over the valleys of the Meek and Zampil; the trail rapidly gains altitude 3000 meeting the only gentle stretch of the climb: the rocky prominence of the Brich, the transition is facilitated by the presence of a fixed, a harness rope ends the walk to Mantova refuge where you can stay overnight. The top Vioz is less than half an hour from the refuge where you can admire a magnificent view over the Forni glacier with a view of all 13 peaks in the background the Dolomites Adamello and Presanella.

The path of the Germans
Departure: Cable car Peio Fonti (1383 m)
Arrival: Bear Valley (2500 m)
Time: 6 hours
Vertical drop: 500 m
Difficulty: for all
Path: 139-122-124-125v Period: Summer - Autumn

Track at high altitude which traces the military path built by the Austrian and German troops during the First World War. The route starts from the arrival of the chair lift to Doss refuge of Gembri and take the path 139 through Val della Mite eastward through the southern slopes of Taviela Crozi to reach the amphitheater moraine of Val Cadini and crosses the Valley of the Bears, the places appear in their wild natural beauty; still the route is marked by the old barracks and the remains of military buildings that are sure to attract the attention of the hiker.
The trail descends rapidly to the 122 trail to get to the ruins of the old fort. Returning through the town Frattasecca exploiting the military road (trail sign SAT 124) until you reach the 125 and get off quickly in Peio Fonti.

Lake Palu - Pass Sforzellina
Departure: Rifugio Fontanino (1675 m)
Arrival: Passo della Sforzellina (3006 m)
Time: 6 hours
Altitude difference: 1300 m
Difficulty: for all
Path: 110
Period: Summer - Autumn
Map: Kompass 095

After Peio Terme, at the Fontanino take the forest road to the right, down to the lake and Giumela hut (1947 m). A mule track leads easily to Paludei hut, used as a bivouac, the scenery is embroidered by dense forest and grassland vegetation, rippled in the warm season by the rich alpine flora. Trail 110 then leads to the pass of Sforzellina. (3006 m) at the foot of the Corno dei Tre Signori (3559 m), to discover the source of the river Noce and along the ancient "of cavai".

The pass gives on the Gavia Valley. Shortly after Paludei hut, a busy port variant in Val Piana. The area is worth a visit, because it offers a wild environment populated by a rich fauna (sightings in the early morning hours of chamois and marmots); during the excursion for nature enthusiasts will also watch closely rare rare floral species and observe the peculiar geological phenomena that have combined to create this alpine paradise. Then the trail climbs to Punta San Matteo (3678 m), the daring theater battles of the "Great War" in 1918.

Departure: ENEL Malga Mare (1972 m)
Arrival: Larcher refuge (2608 m)
Time: 4,30 - 5 hours
Vertical drop: 700 m
Difficulty: for all
Path: 102-104-123
Period: Summer - Autumn
Map: Kompass 095

The beauty of the Cevedale Group are summarized on this journey that despite not touching the eternal ice offers hikers the essence of going to the mountains. From Malga Mare (accessible by car from the town of Cogolo or on foot from Peio country from the path 105 and 127), take the path 102 and climb along the steep slope covered with vegetation to reach Pian Venezia where there is a shelter-hut (2290 m).

Val Venezia form a large basin at the center the stream Noce Bianco and move by rolling hills and wide pastures, is closed to the west by the Vioz chain and Palon de la Mare. The trail leads to keeping the left orographic place Larcher refuge on a rocky balcony and recently refurbished. From here the view runs on the tops of the Cevedale and the surrounding hanging glacier. The excursion continues towards Lake Marmot following the trail markers 104 and 123. Keeping the path 123 on ring route crosses the southern slope of Careser, above the lake along to reach the Black Lake and Lake Careser (hydroelectric reservoir) and exceeded base of the dam, the trail turns south into town Lame (2430 m) and then continues down rapidly among slopes broken by pastures to dive into the coniferous forest to return to the central square.

Thirteen Peaks
Departure: Larcher refuge (2608 m)
Arrival: Passo Gavia or Val di Peio
Time: 3 days
Vertical drop: 1920 m
Difficulty: experts
Path: 103
Period: Summer - Autumn
Map: Kompass

Classic and beautiful alpine crossing, departing from the Larcher refuge through 13 peaks, all above 3000 m the Ortles Cevedale group. The route runs for about 17 km, with ascent and descent respectively 1750 m and 1920 m, on glaciers and snowfields of medium difficulty.

The route requires good preparation mountaineering, proper equipment (ice ax, rope and crampons) and the accompaniment of a mountain guide. From the refuge Larcher climb on path 103 to the Forcola Pass and continue on the ridge to the summit Zufall (1st peak 3757 m), always on the crest passes the top Cevedale (2nd top m3769) highest point, it descends to Colombo bivouac go up towards the Palon of the Sea (3rd top 3703 m) ending the first day at the Mantova refuge of Mount Vioz (4th top 3645 m) where you may want to stay overnight to catch the morning attacking the most difficult part from Mount Vioz passes the tip Taviela (5th top 3612 m), the summit Peio (6th top 3549 m), the Fortress of St. Catherine (7th top 3529 m), Punta Cadini (8th top 3524 m) and then spend the night at the Bivouac Meneghello. the third day begins with the climb to the mountain Giumella (9th summit 3594 m) to Punta San Matteo (10° top 3678 m), descent to the top Dosegù (11° top m3560), at altitude until you reach the Punta Pedrazzini (12th summit 3599 m) and finally Tresero Pizzo (13th summit 3594 m) last summit of this extraordinary journey.
The return can take place in the direction of the Passo Gavia or down from Tresero or S.Matteo towards Palù Lake and Val di Peio.


It's time to experience an exciting adventure, but safely, where the adrenaline rush like the rushing and limpid waters of the river Noce, the theater each year canoistiche International competitions and along its water is increasingly practiced rafting, the descent of the river raft, a discipline that combines adventure with the fun, with confidence and also make sure to thrill of surfing novice.

To practice this and other river sports (canoeing, idrospeed..) safely, an organization that operates in Valle is the EURORAFTING. The Centre is located in Val di Sole to Cusiano beginning of the Val di Peio, operates on a green area of ​​7000 square meters in which was made a small lake, and a sunbathing area. The center Eurorafting is equipped with a covered area (200 square meters) and of course a bar with related services.
Who attends the center has the opportunity to use, free of charge, of all the green area also includes a barbecue area to enjoy fully the pleasures of outdoor living.

The man has always trekker: population movements, due to hunting, climate change, fled before the invader, religious pilgrimages, are genetic heritage of humanity. Today hiking is common practice and, thankfully, chose as pleasure, as a means to get out of daily tasks.

In Val di Peio hiking, Nordic walking or simple and healthy walk in the woods finds its natural dimension being the valley, set in Stelvio National Park has therefore maintained horizons and wild mountain areas and natural protected over time, giving unique emotions landscape as a reward to those who practice this "sport" surrounded by nature.

The main goal for those who come in Val di Peio is definitely the healthy and invigorating dip in the nature of the Stelvio National Park, or to use the treatment of the famous baths of Peio, but those who remain at the end of a day iota of energy and want to spend on sports, or those who want to try their hand at unusual sports, or play with your favorite sport, in Val di Peio will offer comprehensive: from tennis to relaxing games of bocce, from archery arch rock climbing, from horseback riding to swimming in the pool at the spa, games of football to mountain biking, fitness equipped in the midst of ancient woods skating... and the continuous offer...

Much of the territory of the Val di Peio is covered by forests, forests of larch, pine fir. Entering a forest means access to a world where reign serenity, tranquility and clean air, things that now in the cities of our times do not find more space. The forest is certainly a place where you download the tension and the search of mushrooms can be a real cause for physical relaxation. During the summer and late autumn our forests conceal greedy "secrets". Several types of berries, and many varieties of fungi are the delight of any gourmet. But finding them is not so simple, and above all we must pick them up in the pay close attention not to cause damage to the natural environment in which they grow. An interest in mushrooms and nature in general can mean change course to proceed to the construction of a better environment than to environmental degradation operated by man.

Singing mountaineer becomes almost a background music for mountain bikers. Strolling through woods on dirt tracks, to the edge of the green pastures or to the snowline, quietly: it is a new way to conquer nature, not to dominate, but to savor it and from mountain biking in Val di pejoessa transform. The plunge into the forest way, fresh air and pure, not far from the mountain lakes, in the heart of mother nature is a bathroom that regenerates. Expands the ability of observation, it sharpens the perception of details.
It also offers the joy of conquest, entrusted to their physical energies and the refined dose of strength and ingenuity. The practice of mountain biking in Val di Peio, below highlighted by some of the many routes meticulously and tested by Silvano Andreis paths and experts, helps the mountain bikers to carry out his plan: to have fun and relax, enjoy the fruit of a labor and feel alive and responsible part of nature in Val di Peio.


What to say except that our mountains are perfect to practice any discipline in the snow. Visit us without hesitation, certainly you will not get bored!!

Winter in Peio offers rhythms and flavors forgotten. You breathe in short, it looked familiar and welcoming, as if the cold "melt" the sincere but reserved character of the mountain people. The lifts coexist with the Park and the presence of a qualified ski school, make Peio a popular station for proper impact with the white sport.

A Cogolo and Peio Fonti, in addition to ice skating is practiced cross-country skiing, on a number of well-groomed slopes and followed by the Nordic disciplines teachers, excursions in the Park with the "snowshoe" (snowshoeing), guided by skilled guides with the possibility of walks in the moonlight to observe the starry sky, beautiful climbing frozen waterfalls, ski mountaineering at all levels...

When the sun is now night, and the many local come alive, offering hours of serenity in the "company" of appetizing dishes.

This is winter in Peio, not only skiing, but a "white magic" unproven.


What our customers say?

Some of our customers love us and prove it!

Beautiful apartment, well maintained and clean. Equipped with everything you need, from the peeler to hair dryer for your hair. Mrs. Cornelia is very kind and extremely available. Cogolo is a cute little town equidistant from all the lifts, from Peio Tonale in Marilleva.... also great for walks and visits in the surrounding area....


The beautiful location overlooking the Country of Cogolo, looking up you will be amazed by the beautiful landscape that offer the mountains to outline. Our apartment was perfect for our family consisting of myself, my husband and our 2 children. The whole context is always very clean, inside and out. In 5 minutes walk you're in the country where...


I went on vacation at the Casa al Sole in May. We stayed in a beautiful almost new apartment. The apartment is very spacious and offers all the necessary comfort to a 'great holiday. The apartment and the whole property are very clean and comfortable results. How are the owners very welcoming. It is located close to the center where there are various shops. Very nice and comfortable outdoor garden at the tenant's disposal. Excellent quality / price ratio. Highly recommended


Casa al Sole is located in Cogolo of Peio
(Pejo Valley)

From North and South: A22 Brenner motorway - Trento Nord exit proceed towards Val di Sole, Val di Non, Val di Pejo... and you get to Cogolo of Peio.
From Milano - Torino: A4 exit Seriate, continue towards Lovere - Ponte di Legno - Passo Tonale. Get off at Val di Sole to Cogolo of Peio.

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